DFME - electric machines better than others

DFME is a designer and manufacturer of medium and large electric generators and motors, focusing our expertise into the production and servicing of the machinery in our chosen market segment.

The generators and motors that we manufacture are amongst the best of their kind worldwide, proven by the constantly rising demand for our products and services. Our international client base recognises the quality and value of our brand.

DFME designs, produces and services:
Synchronous and asynchronous generators (medium and large sizes)
Induction and synchronous motors (large sizes)
DC motors (large sizes)
Lifting magnets, separating magnets and magnetic separators

The generators and motors that we have manufactured over the last ten years are operating under some of the most demanding conditions in many countries across the world. Apart from our very strong market position in Poland, we have successfully provided our services to the competitive markets in Western Europe, North America and the Middle East.

We are proud of the reference list that we have been able to create through our professionalism and the outstanding technical results of our machines, often going far beyond the expectations of our clients.

Our history spans over 70 years of electric machinery manufacturing in Wroclaw, initially as the Dolmel state-owned company established in 1947, and also as ABB Dolmel Drives, a subsidiary of the global ABB.

Until 1990, the company was practically the sole supplier of high-output electrical machines to the Polish market, as well as exporting to former Eastern Bloc countries and other regions of the world.

DFME was created in 2003 as part of the multi-year restructuring programme of Dolmel. Currently 100% of the company's shares are held by private investors.

Should you be interested in starting a co-operation with DFME please contact us - e-mail: office@dfme.pl