DFME - guaranteed quality

Our experienced employees guarantee the high quality of the products and services that we offer. Since 1994 DFME has been awarded the ISO 9001 certificte issued by Bureau Veritas Quality International.

In order to assure the highest quality of manufacture DFME implemented a complete Qaulity Management System, which allows an efficient and professional description and control of all the processes in DFME.

The final stage of the design and manufacture process is the testing, which is performed in our fully equipped testing station.

Universal measuring stands at testing station permit tests of all types of machines in the range of:
no-load tests at voltage 0.4 kV - 13.8 kV
load tests at voltage 0.4 kV - 10.5 kV
- for output up to 2000 kW with direct load
- over 2000 kW using substitute methods

Our offer also includes:
measurement of insulation resistance
measurement of windings resistance
measurement of partial discharges
measurement of dissipation power factor (tangent delta)
determining no-load characteristics
determining short-circuit characteristics
determining efficiency with loss-summation method
overspeed test
voltage increase test (interturn insulation test)
determining direct load characteristics
determining losses and efficiency at nominal load
heating test
determining starting torque and current
determining moment of inertia
measurement and spectral analysis of bearing vibration
measuring of noise level of machine under test
high-voltage test for machines with nominal voltage up to 13.8 kV
stator core heating test in order to detect short-circuits between laminations

We have a base plate (3x9 m) which permits reliable determination of machine vibrations up to 3600 rpm. The analysis of vibrations, assessment of the condition of the insulation and measurement of noise intensity are made with instruments produced by worldwide well-established companies such as Prüftechnik, Baker Instruments, Brüel&Kjaer, Haefely-Tettex, Hipotronics.

Should you be interested in starting a co-operation with DFME please contact us - e-mail: office@dfme.pl