DFME - drawing on many years of experience

The basis of DFME's operation and development is the efficient design of electric machinery. Thanks to the experience and know-how gathered through the many years of Dolmel, ABB Dolmel Drives and now DFME, we have created design solutions and methodologies that assure the successful fulfilment of stipulated technical goals and objectives.

Based on our know-how experience, we develop technical solutions that are:
cost effective
safe in use
conforming with environmental protection requirements and international standards
customized to the specific needs of the Client

Our engineering services include:
designing medium and high output synchronous generators
designing high output induction and synchronous motors
designing lifting magnets and electromagnetic separators, starting and excitation systems
preparation of manufacturing documentation for electric machines basing on preliminary designs from third party companies
analysis and modernization of electric machines in operation in order to reduce losses, noise level and adapt them to different operating conditions
technical consultancy in the field of electric machines - evaluation of the technical condition of machines, modernization and proper operation

Technical documentation is prepared based on AutoCAD and SolidWorks software, or FLUX software for electromagnetic calculations.

Should you be interested in starting a co-operation with DFME please contact us - e-mail: office@dfme.pl