DFME - comprehensive service of electric machines

We specialize in comprehensive service of electric machines covering:
routine and medium repairs
general overhauls and modernization
delivery of spare parts
daily operation and service supervision.

We provide our users with extensive opportunities to improve the technical conditions and operating reliability of their equipment, to optimise work, to improve efficiency and to reduce noise as well as lowering operating costs.

We offer repairs and modernization of equipment of our own production as well as machines produced by other companies. The scope of repair work to be done is established after disassembly of the machine and following diagnostic tests, and includes:
core heating tests in order to detect short-circuits between laminations
restacking of stators and rotors using regenerated or new laminations
rewinding of electric machines in F insulation class
winding impregnation
regeneration of brush gears including replacement of brushes and brush holders
regeneration of bearing shields, bearing pedestals and replacement of bearings
rotor geometry checking
regeneration of commutators or their replacement
dynamic balancing of rotors (up to 3600 rpm)

Our service offer also includes work done at the customer site:
evaluation of technical condition of DC and AC machines basing on the applicable standards and requirements of machine manufacturers
periodical testing of hoisting motors, rotating converters, fans, compressors and pumps drives
on site inspections and repairs of electric machines within the scope agreed with the customer
on-site assembly of machines
axial alignment of machine trains using laseroptical method
on-site start-up of machines
supervision over start-up of newly installed machines and after repairs

All machines undergo final electric and run tests in compliance with Polish and EU standards within the scope agreed with the Client.

We have approvals issued by the Polish Technical Supervision Office (UDT) for the manufacture and service of crane equipment elements.

We consider the delivery of spare parts to be an important part of our service. We manufacture and deliver spare parts for both Dolmel machines and those from other manufacturers, guaranteeing the restoration of operating parameters for those machines and assuring their ongoing operation into the future.

Should you be interested in starting a co-operation with DFME please contact us - e-mail: office@dfme.pl